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Sister Amy Lee Garrett
Guatemala Guatemala City East Mission
POB 30150
Salt Lake City UT 84130-0150
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Sister Amy Lee Garrett
Guatemala Guatemala City East Mission
Avenida La Reforma 8-60, Zona 9
Edificio Galerias Reforma
5to Nivel Oficina 505, Guatemala City

If you are using a private courier, you will need the mission home phone number which is 502 2362-7887.

Also, it is recommended to use a padded envelope for protection and put pictures of the Savior on the outside.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 54


Well this week went by super fast, it was sure full of exciting things! 

-We had concilio (council), that was super great! And as a zone we had completed with our goal for baptisms for the month so that was awesome! I also got to see some Elders that came to the misión with me and were in my district in the CCM (MTC)! One is the Elder from Las Vegas! I hadn't seen him since we left the CCM!

-Then we had zone meeting! That was probably one of my favorites! We watched that video of the man who saves up to be able to pay for the cruise, and took all his own food to avoid any additional costs, and on the very last day he finds out that everything on the cruise was included in the price. We watched that and Elder Orellana related that video to us as missionaries. That we all had to prepare before the mission, work, save money, interviews, doctor appointments, etc. and that now we have made it on the cruise. We have sacrificed to get here, but are we keeping ourselves locked up in our rooms and eating canned beans? Or are we taking advantage of every opportunity to be missionaries? Are we living beneath our potential? This really hit me. And I would like to invite each of you to take a look at your life, we have all made sacrifices to get where we are (in a job, university, etc.) but are we living up to our potential where we are? It's like that phrase, ¨Bloom where you are planted.¨ I think there are things we can all do to change and ENJOY where we are at. That was one thing I LOVED in conference, they talked a lot about being JOYFUL!! ¨and men are that they might have JOY!¨

-We also had divisions with some Hermanas over the Conference weekend, and it went super well! We went to Zacapa to watch Conference, so we just stayed there with them. It is always fun to get to know other areas!

-And then there was Conference!! I want to hear from all of you what you liked most!! Because it is sure hard for me to decide! I LOVED Russell M. Nelson's talk. I loved when he said ¨Jesucristo es gozo¨ (Jesus Christ is joy) - there is that JOY again! I also liked how he said as we try to take the instructions of the world in how to find joy, we will never find it. That is so true, isn't it? Yes, the world tries to offer us ¨fun nights¨ or ¨thrilling vacations¨ but those things aren't going to bring us joy. Those THINGS aren't going to bring us back to our Father in Heaven. I also loved the talk by J. Devin Cornish where he talked about how we should not compare ourselves with others. And that if we repent, we will be sufficiently good!

-It was super ¨calidad¨ (excellent) because even though we had to travel to go to General Conference, we still had 7 investigators that made the sacrifice to go. Most even stayed for 2 sessions! And Carlos, Jorge, and Edgar went to the Priesthood session! We were so thrilled!! 

BIG NEWS!!! SO today are changes, AND I HAVE CHANGES TO THE CAPITAL!!! That is all I know, I don't know where I will be or with who, but hey, I'll be in the capital!! :) So this week will be nothing short of an adventure, I am positive!

Ponderizing: Alma 28:14 ¨And thus we see the great call of diligence of men to labor in the vineyards of the Lord; and thus we see the great reason of sorrow, and also of rejoicing-sorrow because of death and destruction among men, and joy because of the light of Christ unto life.¨ LOVE this scripture! And I think it does a great job of explaining the emotions on the mission! Great sorrow and sadness when people don't accept, but great JOY (there it is again) when people accept and enter into the baptismal covenant.

LOVE YOU ALL! Have a great week!
-Hermana Garrett

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