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Sister Amy Lee Garrett
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Sister Amy Lee Garrett
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If you are using a private courier, you will need the mission home phone number which is 502 2362-7887.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Life in Estanzuela (WARNING: one of these pictures might gross you out!)

I promise I do work out... some of the time! ;)
We ate duck ...

This is from my personal study
(Amy only sent this to me, but I think it could benefit anyone)

New Companion - Hermana Hernandez

Last pictures together

I've never liked good-byes

Week 32


Well I am here in Estanzuela! I sure do like it here! Hmmm where to start... Well it is hot, but a dry heat, so it is bearable! It feels like Vegas!! :) We have hot water, but it is so hot that it burns haha so we use the pila (sink)! After wishing for hot water the whole time I was in Amates, now that I have it, I don´t use it!

We have lots of members that live near us, and many of them are very willing to visit investigators with us. 

Well we go to the gym every morning and it is great!!! My companion Hermana Hernandez loves the gym! She is from El Salvador and only has 3 months left in the mission!

I don´t think I have ever been so lost in my life. The first few days I was just following my companion! There are so many little streets, and the houses all look the same! haha but I am starting to learn my way around more! Hermana Hernandez asked if we could have divisions this week, and man... I feel sorry for the Hermanas, because we are going to get lost! haha!!

Well one of our investigators, Johana, is amazing! She is about 22 years old and has a super cute baby boy! She loves reading the Book of Mormon, and loves when we leave her assignments!!! 

We are also teaching Maritza and Martha. Maritza is 7 years old and will be turning 8 in a few weeks! She wants to get baptized and her mom wants to get baptized too, but the dad doesn´t approve. We are working on that one. But she is the cutest, and loves when we come and visit!! And her prayers are so sincere!

Well everyone gives us fruit, watermelon, mangoes, melons! It is the best! We don´t have to buy fruit anymore! :) The branch is really great. We meet in an old school, it isn´t actually old at all. It is a huge step up from the Elders house that we had services in in Los Amates! :) Well we are in charge of Sunday School with the Youth and Young Women! The youth are really great!!

Well that is about it for now! This week I am ponderizing D&C 24:8. It talks about being patient in afflictions.

Well, love you all!!!!
-Hermana Garrett

Monday, April 18, 2016

FHEs, Birthdays, and Goodbyes

FHE with Christian and Maria
Wednesday was Christian's Birthday!
Rosadellia (from a while back, we visited her this week)
Odellia - She had her baby!!! :) Made me feel close to Alycia


Crying about cambios (changes/transfers)
"Sister Garrett Style"
Crazy one!

Week 31

Buenas Tardes!!

So this week I don´t have much to tell! It was a great week! We found lots of new investigators!! 

We had a Family Home Evening with Christian and Maria! That was pretty awesome! They are such great people. And Alvaro this week asked if he could have a lesson with them! That was a first. That an investigator asked to have a lesson with a member! They are going to have a lesson this week! It was also Christian's birthday, so we helped Maria decorate, and he was so surprised and happy! 

We were able to meet with the Mission Leader!! It is a convert of the Elders! He is so stellar! He has only been a member for less than 2 months and is so involved!! It was our first correlation meeting as missionaries and the Mission Leader in my whole mission! ;)

Well today I have transfers!! I am not sure to where exactly, but I will let you know next week! My Comp is staying here in Amates! And is going to train!!! She is going to do great!! :)

Ponderizing: D&C 6:7 We need not seek for the riches of the world. I love how it says that those who have Eternal Life are rich. What is better than Eternal life?!

Well love you all!!!
-Hermana Garrett

Monday, April 11, 2016

Baptisms in the River!


We're a RAMA (branch)!

Week 30


Well this week was by far the best week of my whole mission. Full of so many wonderful moments! Are you ready?!

First off, interviews went super well! Fernando was by far the most prepared and came out of his interview just glowing! Wendolly almost made Elder Suman (...cry?). She was able to tell all about Joseph Smith. And Maria and Christian were great also!

Friday, We started off the morning in the Muni (the municipality) with the wedding of Christian and Maria! It was super fast! And they were so funny about it! They are both silly people and aren´t huge fans of official things like weddings! But it went well! Then later in the afternoon we had an Open House at the Church (Elder´s house haha) And President Crapo came!!! That was super neat! And the lady that lives in front of our house came! And we got some random kids in the street to come! ;)

Then SATURDAY we had baptisms in the RIVER!!!! It was so wonderful. Perfect. And President Crapo and his wife were there! I sent some pictures. It is hard to explain how amazing it was. 

Then Sunday we were named RAMA!!! (Branch)!! And it was such a great feeling to know that I have made a contribution to that. There weren´t any seats, lots of us were standing. I think it was the happiest I have ever been to be standing! haha

Okay, so we also met with Alex this week! He is the cousin of Alvaro and is super awesome! AND both Alex and Alvaro came to church!! And Alex has a baptismal date for the 7th of May!!

Well we were fasting for a family of five, and yesterday we found one! And had a super amazing lesson with them! We are going to have a Family Home Evening with them and Christian and Maria tonight! I will let ya´ll know how it goes!

Ponderizing: D&C 3:7-8 I love this. We shouldn´t fear man more than God. 

Well I sure love you all!!! Have a great week!

Hermana Garrett

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Week 29


Sorry, we don´t have much time today because yesterday there was no internet in all of Los Amates. Not sure how that happened, but it did! haha small town probs!

Well General Conference was amazing! What I could understand of it at least! ;) 

This Saturday we will be having some baptisms! And it looks like we will be doing them in the river!!! Pictures to come!

No worries, I haven´t eaten anything else super crazy!

Sorry this is super short, I promise to tell you all more next week! 

I´m alive, super happy, and so excited to be a BRANCH THIS SUNDAY!!!

Ponderizing Moroni 10:20

Love you all!

-Hermana Garrett